Without a doubt, Acapulco is one of the most popular destinations in Mexico. Its beautiful beaches, daring cliff divers and famous nightlife are only some of the reasons tourists want to spend their vacation here. You can too! Aeromexico offers attractive travel packages for you to purchase your airline tickets and make your hotel reservations. Enjoy the summer in Acapulco.

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Going on vacation doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to involve travelling to far away destinations or incurring excessive expenses. Aeromexico offers affordable travel packages to Acapulco, a destination blessed with some of the finest beaches in all of Mexico.

In earlier years, it was predicted that this area of the Pacific---the Guerrero coastline---would become the most famous vacation center in the country; and that is exactly what happened. The city’s accelerated growth and tourist development began over fifty years ago when America’s Hollywood elite chose Acapulco as their favorite vacation destination. Acapulco’s popularity is based not only on its convenient proximity to Mexico City, but also on the mild, tropical climate that invites you to relax and have fun all year long.
Acapulco has everything a vacation in Mexico can offer. During the day, the ocean seems like an amusement park, offering a kaleidoscope of activities: swimmers playfully frolic along the shore; jet skis zip along side by side, bouncing on the waves, while inflatable boats gently transport travelers to diverse locations. Para-sails, boats, kayaks, yachts and cruise ships are a common sight in the distance. In the evening, the party moves from the ocean to the coastline: restaurants, bars, and night clubs illuminate the fun and enjoyment of the crowds with glittering lights. These and many other features make Acapulco one of the most colorful beach destinations in the world.

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