This warm land invites tourists to spend an unforgettable vacation during the traditional San Marcos Fair. Enjoy your vacation during this festival and you will get to know this city from a perspective very different from that of a typical business trip. Aeromexico has excellent packages available to make your reservations and ensure your airline tickets.

This city, home to the National San Marcos Fair, is a peaceful, traditional city with various cultural, architectural and gastronomic attractions. Without a doubt, a trip through Aguascalientes will make your vacationan excellent experience.

This city, which translates to “hot waters”, takes its name from the many thermal springs that naturally surround the area. The first Spaniards to receive these lands from the king during the second half of the 16thcentury had to confront a lot. Not only did they have to deal with the hostility from the native Chichimecas, but also the semi-arid weather, the foxes, pumas, wild boars, wolves, coyotes and other wild animals that wandered around the cedar, pine and oak trees of the area.

In spite of it all, Aguascalientes developed peacefully, particularly after having been the center of revolutionary confrontations. Today,it is one of the safest cities in Mexico given the remote possibility of natural disasters. Additionally, this area has also been known for its conservative culture with regard to its original traditions probably due to the minimal influence of foreigners. Its economy is based primarily on the textile industry, but it is resourceful enough for diverse development and sustainability.

Visit this destination and discoverits tranquil and historic neighborhoods.


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