Before Your Flight

Before your FLY

Aeromexico doesn’t only worry about you once you are at the airport or when you board the best airline, but we worry about you from the moment you pack your bag. That’s why Aeromexico offers recommendations to avoid any inconveniences with your baggage during your trip. Check out the list of restricted items for your travel destinations.

What to take

To ensure a pleasant trip, Aeromexico recommend that you review the documents that you will need during your trip, such as visa, passport, official identification, birth certificates of children and medical certificate, when applicable. Also, remember not exceed the established luggage weight, or take articles that are not allowed by safety regulation.

Restricted items

Review the list of items which are not allowed on board, such as sharp objects, weapons, and scissors, among others. This will avoid any setbacks or mishaps at the airport.

Articles not considered as baggage

Review the list of items that Aeromexico recommends you not check in.

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