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The magic of Bogota 

Colombia’s capital is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Latin America. It is the center of business and high culture in the region. 

Bogota is a modern city with seven million inhabitants. Since the 20thcentury, it has become more popular in South America and the world. Here, all types of business activity take place and there is a rich cultural ambience, full of artistic personalities and historic events. Over the last ten years, Bogotahas been transformed into a city with a beautiful, friendly atmosphere and all the modern conveniences of an important capital. It has achieved this without losing its centuries-old traditions. 

Business centers at their peak 

Bogota’s economy is based on industry, commerce and financial services. Twenty percent of the companies in Bogota are manufacturers. The city produces machinery, chemicals, food products, beverages, tobacco, textiles and wood. This industrial production has created specialized factory areas and industrial parks. Additionally, Bogota is very active in the crafts production business, its most revered treasure and a source of income for thousands of families. The city is a privileged place for businesses with markets from the Andean region, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Culture galore 

The city is one of the most important cultural centers on the continent, offering exhibits from renowned artists, theater and international festivals, concerts and fairs. In fact, Bogota is known as the Athens of South America because of all it offers. A few of the world class events that take place in the capital are: The Ibero- American Theater Festival, Expoartesanias (crafts), ArtBo, the International Book Fair and the Bogota Film Festival.

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