Culiacan is Sinaloa’s capital and its largest city. Aeromexico takes you to this destination, great for both business and pleasure.
Culiacan, a place Surrounded by History
Culiacan’s center is filled with historical sites and architectural monuments such as the Garmendia Market, all painted in white; a masterpiece in and of itself, and a place every inhabitant is proud of. The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary, or the Rosales Square, is surrounded by buildings such as the Sinaloa Autonomous University and the House of Culture, also add touches of history to this magnificent place.
Cultural Visits
Culiacan has renowned museums such as the Sinaloa Museum of Art, where the most important works of art from Geraldo Murillo, “Dr. Atl”, Jose Luis Cuevas, Lilia Carrillo, Francisco Toledo, Rufino Tamayo, Pedro Coronel, and many others, are found. The Sinaloa Center for the Sciences is an interactive museum which develops its own research, from biotechnology to robotics. You can also visit the Constitution Civic Center, where you can learn about Culiacan’s history and extraordinary artifacts, such as the famous Balubirito asteroid, found in 1871.
Natural Beaches
Culiacan offers beautiful virgin beaches such as El Conchal, Medano Blanco, Robalar, Playa del Tambor and Las Arenitas, which are perfect for bird-watching, hiking, or surfing. If you’re at the right place at the right time, you can observe dolphins and whales during a relaxing boat ride.
Every summer at Playa de Ponce, the Seafood Fair and the sand sculpting contest are held. Another great place to enjoy nature is the Playas Boca del Rio, San Lorenzo and La Puntilla, which are perfect for sport fishing.
Seafood Delights
Culiacan is proud of its amazing gastronomy, which includes fresh seafood and spicy sauces. Some of the local favorites are the machaca, chilorio and chorizo, accompanied with freshly made tortillas. There are some excellent restaurants in Culiacan; however, if you would like to try the true flavor of the city, you must try the tacos de carreta, either al pastor, with grilled meat, pork or shrimp. For dessert, don’t miss the coricos, pan de mujer and tacuarines.
Culiacan, an investor’s paradise
Culiacan offers excellent competitiveness, infrastructure and human resources for the investment in fields such as food production, tourism, information technology and communications, clothing manufacturing, bottling and sugar production. It possesses a crop-rich valley, which gives the agricultural field a prime role. Fishing and cattle breeding are quite relevant. Due to its closeness to the U.S., a great quantity of products is exported.

The weather is hot and humid during the summer, while the winter enjoys fair and pleasant temperatures, with very little rain.
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