Web Check In

Aeromexico Web Check In

Aeromexico’s Web Check-in online service will allow passengers to printing their boarding passes within 24 hours of flight departure. 

To access a reservation, passengers must follow these simple steps:

  • Type name or surnames.
  • Type the origin city.
  • Type reservation code.
  • Press “continue button” to check your reservation.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Aeromexico’s Web Check-in service carefully, it will be the passenger´s responsibility to understand them before using the service.

For assistance from an Aeromexico agent in United Kingdom please call 0800 977 5533 UK or Republic of Ireland 1-800 855 474


  • Save time at the airport by using the Web Check-In service from the comfort of your home or office.
  • This service offers boarding passes for Mexico domestic and international flights.
  • The Web Check-in service will be available within 24 hours and up to 2 hours prior to flight departure.
  • The Web Check-in service will allow passengers to change assigned seats or assign one.
  • Club Premier Members will be able to accumulate Premier kilometers by providing their Club Premier Account Number.

*Starting on Octobrer 27th, web check in will be held in aeromexico.com and in the Aeromexico counters at the airport.

If you check-in from your mobile device, you must proceed to one of our automated kiosks to print your boarding pass, at least 60 minutes before flight departure.

Terms and Conditions

  • The reservation must be properly paid. If the purchase has been made with a bank card, then it must be authorized by the banking institution.
  • The ticket must be electronic and may be purchased on aeromexico.com, via the Aeromexico Call Center, Aeromexico ticket offices and/or a travel agent.
  • Only applies on flights operated by Aeromexico and Aeromexico CONNECT
  • Does not apply on code-share flights.
  • Only applies if entire route is on Mexico domestic or international flights operated by Aeromexico and/or Aeromexico CONNECT and all segments are confirmed.
  • Accepted fares at  Web Check-in are: Z, P, O, W, U, L, T, X, N, Q, K, S, M, B, Y, C, D, A, J.
  • Reservations cannot have more than 6 (six) passengers and/or 4 (four) segments.
  • Reservations having special services, like wheelchair, oxygen use, infants, unaccompanied minors, pets, etc. will not be able to use the Web Check-in service and must seek help from an Aeromexico agent.
  • Does not apply to Reservations that have been modified (flight, date, name, route or fare change, etc.) within 2 hours of utilizing the Web Check-in.
  • If you check-in from your mobile device, you must proceed to one of our automated kiosks to print your boarding pass, at least 60 minutes before flight departure.

Travel Documents

  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to review and verify all information on the reservation before printing. If there is an error, the passenger must contact Aeromexico.
  • Aeromexico will not be responsible for printing errors due to lack of paper in the printer, technical failures in the printer or computer, electrical outages or any other reason.
  • The printed documents cannot be partial, it must be fully printed. In case of partial printing, passenger should try again.
  • Now, with the new Web Check-in service, boarding pass can be printed several times, so the incorrect use for duplicate boarding passes will be subject to penalty by law.
  • Travel documents can be printed between 24 and 2 hours before flight departure.

Other conditions

  • In case of unforeseen operative reasons, your seat may be reassigned without prior notice.
  • In case luggage check-in is required, the passenger can do so at special baggage documentation counters, located throughout some airports. Applicable baggage documentation policies apply.
  • Passengers must arrive at boarding gate with all printed travel documents at least 45 minutes prior flight departure.
  • The passenger is required to show his/her boarding pass along with a valid photo ID when required by the airport security personnel and/or Aeromexico staff.

For further information in United States call 1800 237 6639.