Sonora’s capital offers great options in entertainment, art, culture, history, beaches, spas, museums, architecture and gastronomy.

A city with flavor

Sonora is known for being one of the world’s best meat producers; that’s why its gastronomy is based mostly on meats, steaks and pork products. Try the deliciously grilled cuts, the stews made with Sonora chorizo, and the traditional caramel tacos and tostadas Lorenza. Due to its proximity to the ocean, fresh seafood is highly regarded. There are many and varied restaurants, live-music cafes, bars, and nightlife for every taste.


Hermosillo’s Dream Beaches

Bahia Kino, less than 100 Kms. from Hermosillo, offers impeccable white sand beaches and a great variety of water activities to tourists year-round. At Kino Viejo, try the just freshly-caught oysters and clams.



In addition to the beaches’ natural beauty, Hermosillo is frequented by ecotourists from all over the world. Its location and ecosystems make it the ideal place for hiking, diving, snorkeling, and sport fishing, among others. Tiburon Island, the largest natural island reserve in the country, is ideal for all of these activities. There are many ranches offering lodging, hiking, horseback riding, camping and bird-watching. Hermosillo hosts the Vuelta Ciclista, one of the most important cycling events in Mexico. There are plenty of mountain bike routes for every level. The Sonora River Route offers a close encounter with nature and Sonoran history. If you’re looking for adventure and natural attractions, this is your city!


Hermosillo for Families

The capital of Sonora offers diverse places for children, such as the Ecology Center of Sonora, which hosts a zoo, a botanical garden and an Astronomical Observatory. La Sauzeda Recreational Park offers mechanical rides, sports fields, aquatic areas, an amphitheater and a children’s interactive museum.


Although Sonora has semi-arid desert weather and cool winters, the temperature can rise up to 45º C during the summer months of June, July and August. However, the rest of the year enjoys spring-like weather.

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