Travel Information


Aeromexico’s commitment is to guide you through every step you take before, during and after your flight to guarantee a pleasant experience. From knowing the Regulations and Policies, the purchase process, selecting the correct documents before you leave your house and choosing any on board special services, we are with you throughout the whole experience.

Before your purchase
Our main interest while you are planning a trip is walking you through a smooth process while keeping you well informed on our booking policies.

Purchasing your flight
We provide guidance from the moment you book a flight until you get your confirmation

Before you flight
We offer recommendations to avoid any inconveniences during your trip

At the airport
Our exclusive services in many airports will make your travel experience even more enjoyable

On the plane
Comfort, entertainment, security, luxury and ease on each and every one of your flights

Upon arrival
Ground transportation and baggage tracking services available at your final destination

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