web checkin

web checkin

Web Check-In from Aeromexico is a 24 hour service where you can obtain travel documents from the date of ticket purchase until 4 hours before departure time, learn more:

There are three very easy ways to utilize the process:
  1. Enter your reservation code

    (6 character, Alphanumeric)

  2. Enter your Socio Club Premier number

    , only if you entered your Socio number at time of reservation.

  3. Enter the credit card number

    that you used to purchase the ticket

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, as the passenger will be responsible for understanding the Terms and Conditions of Web Check-in before any operation of service is performed. This also applies to adhering to the Terms and Conditions during the documentation process.

For assistance from one of our Aeromexico agents, please call 9132 4224 and for assistance within Mexico call 1800 021 4000.






  • Save time and lines at the airport with Web Check-In from the comfort of your home or office.

  • With this service you can obtain your boarding pass, trip itinerary and receipt.

  • You can use Web Check-In from the day of the ticket purchase until 45 minutes before flight time.

  • You can change your assigned seat or choose one if needed.

  • If you are a Club Premier member, you can enter your account number in the reservation and earn Premier miles.

  • Depending on your Club Premier level, you may qualify for an upgrade if seating permits.

Terms and Conditions
  • The reservation must be correctly paid. If the purchase has been made by a bank card, then it must be authorized and charged by the banking institution.

  • The ticket must be electronic and purchased on aeromexico.com, Aeromexico call center, Aeromexico ticketing office or travel agent.

  • Only applies on flights operated by Aeromexico of 3 digits and Aeromexico CONNECT (flight series 2000-2999)

  • Doesn’t apply to flights that share codes (flights with 4 digits)

  • Only applies on routes that are completely within the country of Mexico and are confirmed

  • The accepted fares on Web Check-In are the following: W,L,T,X,N,Q,K,S,M,B,Y,D,A,J.

  • The reservation cannot have more than 5 passengers and/or 4 segments

  • The reservation that has special services like wheelchair, oxygen use, infants, unaccompanied minors, pets, etc. cannot use Web Check-in and must seek help from an Aeromexico agent.

  • Web Check-In cannot alter the reservation if the tickets were already issued.

  • Doesn’t apply to Reservations that have been modified (flight, date, name, route or fare change, etc.) within 4 hours of utilizing Web Check-In.

Travel Documents
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to review and verify all information on the reservation before printing. If there is an error the passenger must contact Aeromexico.

  • Once the travel documents are ticketed they cannot be canceled for any reason. In the event that the documents are canceled they will not be available for print again.

  • Aeromexico will not be responsible for printing errors due to lack of paper in the printer, technical failures in the printer or computer, electrical outages or any other reason.

  • The printing of documents must be complete, not partial, in the event of printing only a part, the system will take this as a total print out and will not print any missing documents.

  • Incorrect use or duplication of boarding passes or receipts will be subject to penalty by law.

  • The printing of travel documents can be done from the moment of purchase until 4 hours prior to flight departure.

Other Conditions

  • For unforeseen operative reasons your seat may be reassigned without prior notice.

  • If in need of baggage documentation, you may use the Automated Kiosks or Aeromexico documentation displays. Valid documentation on baggage rules and regulations apply.

  • The passenger should be at the gate with their printed travel documents at least 45 minutes prior to flight departure.

  • The passenger is required to show his/her boarding pass along with a valid photo id at all times that are required by airport security and Aeromexico personnel.

For more information, call 9132 4224 and within Mexico, 1 800 021 4000.

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